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Forget about selfies. In California, residents are using smartphones and drones to document the coastline's changing face.


Starting this month, The Nature Conservancy is asking tech junkies to capture the flooding and coastal erosion that come with...

NEW DELHI:  Ahead of January 26, the city police plan to buy two drones from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for `70 lakh as a part of security arrangements.

A proposal has been sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the DRDO regarding th...



Police in New Delhi and neighbouring states will keep a vigilant eye on drones, which have been classified as a major threat to security especially in view of the Republic Day celebrations ahead. "The subject of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly referred to as...

Je vous propose un superbe article écrit par nos amis de studiosport. Vous y trouverez un récapitulatif de toute la gamme Hubsan ! ;-)


Les drones Hubsan sont certainement les mini drones les plus vendus sur le marché. De nombreux modèles sont disponibles, ce qui rend c...

Companies working together to advance work site intelligence with innovative drone analytics


CATERPILLAR have announced a new marketing agreement with Redbird, specialists in the acquisition and analysis of aerial data collected by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or dr...

15 Jan 2016

Dubaï organise "the world drone prix".... Il est temps de charger les lipos,  de fermer les valises, et GO TO FLY !!!!


Plus que 55 jours pour s'enregistrer !!!

NEW DELHI: The government will use space technology and unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor and manage national highways and road assets. 

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has signed memoranda of understanding with the Indian Space Research Organization...



C’est en travaillant sur les menaces constituées par les mini-drones que l’armée de l’air a réfléchi à développer un mini-drone qui soit capable de contribuer à la protection de ses bases aériennes. L’idée est déjà ancienne dans l’US Air Force –qui utilisait pour cel...

13 Jan 2016




A lot of folks ask if Solo can carry cameras other than a GoPro®. Short answer: Yes. In fact, Solo has truly amazing potential in this department that no other drone can touch. Here’s what you can expect.



First off, Solo is optimize...

This incredible drone footage gives you a birds-eye view of our stunning city and iconic Liver building.

Our 800-year-old city shines in warm sunlight as the drone from Liverpool company Icarus UAV takes you up to a unique view of the Liver Birds that has never bee...

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